Whale, Whale


This class was enormously fun, kind of like a right whale.

We sang Baby Right Whale (sung  in lieu of Baby Beluga) to honor and celebrate the return of the Right Whale Mamas and their babies to the Georgia coast.

We sang Baleen, Blowhole, Fins and Flukes to the tune of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

We read a wonderful story  about Whale songs called Following Papa’s Song:


It is about a Little Blue Whale who is inquisitive and asks his Papa about where they are migrating to, and how he will know it is time to go.  It was all about listening for the other whales call out across the ocean (Whales can hear each other 5 miles away!).  We even listened to whale calls for sound effect throughout the story.  It was awesome!

We ended the program with these paper plate transformations



Dragon Day


We celebrated this most imaginative animal on International Dragon Day. We talked about dragon like animals, such as the alligator.  We even had an alligator in class so we could learn about scales and scutes.

We read a few dragon tales, including my favorite


The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  We had a fun snake dragon parade as we sang and acted out our emotions with the Happy Dragon Song:


and lastly we made these fun, fire breathing dragons:


Happy Dragon Day!


Have you seen birds?


To kick off our new year we started with our annual Toddler Tuesday Christmas bird count.  We learned a few bird feeder birds, strapped on the glasses and with our clip boards we began our bird count.

The weather wasn’t greatest for birding, so we made grapefruit bird feeders to attract birds at home!



Digging out the grapefruit to make the bowl for the seed.birdwatching-2


Toddler Tuesday resumes!


Just in time for th most magical time of the year full of festivities and wintery themes we will be starting up our Toddler program again on Tuesday, November 29th.  We are still offering 3 times so please sign up soon for either the 9:45-10:15; 10:30-11:00; or 11:15-11:45 time slot.

Lots of fun to come!  Check our website for the December themes.

Toddler Tuesday Postponed until 11/1/2016


We have to cancel all programs until November due to the condition of the trails.  The hurricane damage is still pretty extensive and most trails are unpassable but rest assured that all the animals are safe.  Stay tuned for new themes in November!

Please come out this weekend to support us in our biggest fundraiser of the year the Halloween Hike on Friday and Saturday from 5-8pm.  Check out our website for more information: