International Duck Day


We dabbled ¬†a bit today ūüôā : ¬†we sang 5 little ducks; ¬†we looked ¬†at pictures and wondered at the colorful diversity of ducks in the world; we hung out with our very own Domino; and we waddled home as little ducks. All in celebration of International Duck Day!



Have you seen birds?


To kick off our new year we started with our annual Toddler Tuesday Christmas bird count.  We learned a few bird feeder birds, strapped on the glasses and with our clip boards we began our bird count.

The weather wasn’t greatest for birding, so we made grapefruit bird feeders to attract birds at home!



Digging out the grapefruit to make the bowl for the seed.birdwatching-2


Toddler Tuesday resumes!


Just in time for th most magical time of the year full of festivities and wintery themes we will be starting up our Toddler program again on Tuesday, November 29th.  We are still offering 3 times so please sign up soon for either the 9:45-10:15; 10:30-11:00; or 11:15-11:45 time slot.

Lots of fun to come!  Check our website for the December themes.

Toddler Tuesday Postponed until 11/1/2016


We have to cancel all programs until November due to the condition of the trails.  The hurricane damage is still pretty extensive and most trails are unpassable but rest assured that all the animals are safe.  Stay tuned for new themes in November!

Please come out this weekend to support us in our biggest fundraiser of the year the Halloween Hike on Friday and Saturday from 5-8pm.  Check out our website for more information:



Catching up…again..


Well I have successfully allowed another chunk of time to escape without posting a blog. We have been having so much fun in Toddler Tuesday and grOWING! We are back to offering 3 times. 9:45-10:15; 10:30-11:00; and 11:15-11:45.

If you are wondering about whether or not you should come, the answer is yes! Check out the fun we have:


Wolf Popsicles and human popsicles shared on a hot summer day!



World Lizard Day:

We read Art and Max by David Weisener  and did some salt painting of the character from the book:



Then our very own broad headed skink came to class!



We had a recently hatched gulf fritillary come to class and then we made butterfly lifecycle necklaces:




On National Hummingbird day we made homemade humming bird feeders with recycled materials:



Note: ¬†Use the longest staple you can find, and pull¬†it as far as you can away from the cork so the nectar will fill the cup. ¬† We wrapped ours with red yarn so we didn’t have to paint the bottle. ¬†Remember don’t use red food dye. That stuff is not good for anyone!


On International Vulture Awareness day we read Vulture View by April Pulley Sayre.vulture-view  Then we walked to see our vultures and brought them some enrichment ( toy ball full of bison, sheep hair and paper. Vultures love a good T.Ping.


For  New Kids on the Block we made goat crowns and then walked down to see Finn and Rue our new Angora Goats:



On animal tracking day we told track stories, we walked like animals, and then played with home made play dough and make all kinds of animal tracks:




Wow, we sure learn a lot, and have a lot of fun doing so!

owl appreciation day


We had a hoot studying about owls on Owl Appreciation day! We played owl in the oak tree, we learned about the magic powers of owl feathers and silent flight. We read the classic Pat Hutchins’ story Good-night Owl:



We had a wise old visitor, whoooo by the way looks just like Pat Hutchins’ owl in the Good-Night Owl story:

screech owl

Check out the cute owls that they took home: