Feisty little Foxes


It was fox theme in our last weekly installment of Toddler Tuesday. We learned about the incredible super powers of a fox.  Did you know that a fox can hear a ticking watch from 100 feet away!  Fox often hunt for animals that are burrowing underground and we know that they can’t see them, so they must be able to track them with their ears.  We played a sensory game and pretended to be fox in this way.  One child was the fox in the middle of a circle wearing a blindfold.  We passed a chicken timer around the circle while singing “hickory, dickory, dock”.  When the song ended, the last child with the timer froze and the fox had to use his/her hearing to find the chicken without looking.  It was foxtastic fun.

We strolled over to the fox exhibit, gave our little feisty fox friends a treat and then came back to class to make a fox mask to take home.  Check out all the foxes that came to this event:

IMG_7292 IMG_7300  IMG_7303 IMG_7304 IMG_7305 IMG_7306 IMG_7308

About Joy O' Nature

I am a naturalist on the education staff here at Oatland Island Wildlife Center. I earned a B.S. in Terrestrial Ecology with a minor in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont. I recently received my MPH in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona. I have been a classroom science and environmental educator; instructing all ages from preschool to college, for most of my educated life.

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