Walk, fly sink or swim?


Today, in celebration of fall and a cool-e-o kind a day we learned about animal migration.  First we sang head shoulders knees and toes and replaced the words with walk, fly, sink or swim, sink or swim?  We looked at photos of animals migrating and sang our song to answer how that animal moves around.  Did you know that some animals migrate daily up and down the ocean column?  From whales to microscopic plankton, flamingos to crabs and jellyfish we covered migration.  We had a fine motor skill activity game to teach how birds follow the food south. We used clothes pins with hawks glued onto them and had our little learners try to find and pick up snakes (pipe cleaners).  Despite all these fun activities we even had time to sneak in a paraphrased story about Peregrine’s journey.  What fun is Toddler Tuesday that we can learn about these things and then have a real-live peregrine on the glove to really reinforce concepts.  The take home today was a model of a falcon to remember our longest distance migrant–cheers to the long journey

-cheers to fall!

migration craft

Keep an eye these next months for migratory peregrines hanging out at the beach–looking for peeps.

Don’t miss next week’s Toddler Tuesday where we will explore animal camouflage!

About Joy O' Nature

I am a naturalist on the education staff here at Oatland Island Wildlife Center. I earned a B.S. in Terrestrial Ecology with a minor in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont. I recently received my MPH in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona. I have been a classroom science and environmental educator; instructing all ages from preschool to college, for most of my educated life.

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