World Snake Day was July 15th


Did you celebrate world snake day?  We did.  Snakes are important reptiles as they control rodent populations and contribute to the forest food web. 

To celebrate this occasion we did some snake yoga and made our bodies into a cobra, we signed snake and drew out S-N-A-K-E letters on the rug.   We read the story Verdi by Janelle Cannon who also wrote Stellaluna.  It is about a green tree boa that doesn’t want to grow up…a cute story:



We had a few snake visitors to class including our 6.5 foot Indigo Snake and 2 colors of red rats a regular red and an albino.  We had sssssensational time ssssstudying  ssssnakes on World Snake Day.  Check out our take home treasure from World Snake Day:

snake craftsnake day

We rolled up magazine print the long way, we crumpled it small enough to thread some colorfully dyed noodles over it, and then decorated our head with a tongue and eyes and then wa la, they followed us home. 


About Joy O' Nature

I am a naturalist on the education staff here at Oatland Island Wildlife Center. I earned a B.S. in Terrestrial Ecology with a minor in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont. I recently received my MPH in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona. I have been a classroom science and environmental educator; instructing all ages from preschool to college, for most of my educated life.

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