Hawk Eyes!


This Toddler Tuesday was all about binocular vision and how well hawks can see.  We played a hawk hunting game with tweezers and tiny pom poms. There were two possible locations  for hunting prey–(to us this meant picking up pom poms with tweezers) an open meadow, or the forest.  The game demonstrated how hawks don’t usually hunt in a forest because it is too difficult to fly through the trees to pick up mice, and just to demonstrate none of my tots even tried to picked up pom poms in the forest.  Here they are in action:


We talked about how hawk eye sight is different than our own and how they see different colors than we do (more variety of colors). To honor this experience we made rose tinted hawk classes.  Check out my little hawklings chirping up a song:

hawk eyes p and s

and just looking cool:

hawk eyes blake

Going to hawk school is fun!

big little hawk

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