Feet and Beaks-2 Weeks of Fun in 1


Well, I have managed to let the time slide out from under me and want to update the Oatland community about our last 2 weeks of fun.

2 weeks ago we talked about feet design in animals. Who walks on toes?
Molly Deer (dear) does:
molly's hooves

And so does Ansley Princess hooves:

princess hooves

Who walks flat footed (besides all of us reading this?)…why Stella the Polah’ beah’:

stella's polar bear feet

Who walks around on their nails? Wolves, cats and Sidda ducks do:

sidda feet

This week we were enraptured with raptors–We learned that those birds of prey or raptors have sharp toes (talons) that they use to catch their food with; we looked at their curved beaks with a sharp point for tearing their food and we discussed how they have keen eyesight. We did some role playing by flapping our wings to the beat of a drum, and soared flapping ever-so-slowly like an eagle; and then we energized to the rapid drum beat and flapped quickly like a falcon. We reinforced our learning with our craft. Check out these beaks and talons:



Those are some raptors that come to Oatland!

Check out next week’s them–it is time to celebrate that Awesome Possum!


About Joy O' Nature

I am a naturalist on the education staff here at Oatland Island Wildlife Center. I earned a B.S. in Terrestrial Ecology with a minor in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont. I recently received my MPH in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona. I have been a classroom science and environmental educator; instructing all ages from preschool to college, for most of my educated life.

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