Thankful for the toddlers


Everyone needs a toddler in their life.  Whether it is your own child, a grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbor; they remind us to simplify and let the imagination roam wild; and they experience everything with such enthusiasm.  

Today for our craft, we took a simple palm frond from a saw-tooth palmetto, splashed it with a little paint, and were instantly transformed into a flock of  turkeys. In the shadow of the sun, we really looked like we had turkey tails.   Such a  simple craft can turn into hours of imaginative play. After roll playing, we visited our barnyard. Ben the turkey was appropriately strutting his stuff and was displaying his feathers; just as we had pretended. Seeing this through toddler’s eyes transformed it from: “look, turkey” to “WOW! He is doing it Miss Michelle! He is puffing up his feathers to show us how beautiful he is!” Being with a toddler makes you appreciate the things we overlook and express appreciation with enthusiasm. Who says we have to outgrow these traits?

Appropriately timed to the holiday of thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks to the families who support Toddler Tuesday.  Your dedication to environmental education is what makes Oatland Island possible. I love that in our toddler sessions; with your help, we transform what might be perceived as an ordinary animal; such as a turkey, and celebrate it as the rock star celebrity that it is.


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