Catching up…again…


Let’s just say that we have been having so much fun that I have not had time to here is the photo recap of the last month or so…

Awesome Opossum:



World Turtle Day:


That turtle was made from taking apart a Chinese food “to-go” box.  We made our very own Mossy based on Jan Brett’s book about taking a turtle into captivity. We discussed captivity and about releasing animals back to nature.

So Many Fish in the Sea:


Flying Squirrels:


2 people hold the strings, when one person pulls the strings the squirrel flies along the string to the other side. (there are two straws attached to the underside and he slides along the yarn).

Hawk Talk

We learned how hawks have a special oil filter over their eyes that allows them to see things glow under ultraviolet, like animal pee!

Bald Eagle:

We used bubble wrap to pick up slippery soap which was suppose to demonstrate why eagles have bumpy feet to pick up fish with.



Bee Sweet


It is always so sweet to study honey bees! We sang my original song: Don’t Swat That Bee!  It is a very fun song to a similar tune of Green Grass Grows All Around.  I always sing it call and response:

Don’t swat that bee!

She doesn’t want to be mean!

She won’t hurt you–she has a lot of work to do…

She’s telling you

that you are sweet!

She thinks you are a flower!

Now isn’t that neat.


don’t swat that bee

if you want her to go

don’t swat that bee, no! No!

Just blow..wheeewwwww.

We read the story:  Are You A Bee?

are you a bee

At the end of class we made thaumatropes after learning all about the honeybee’s life cycle.  It was a picture of a flower and on the back a bee and when you spun it around the bee lands on the flower.








World Veterinarian’s Day


Dr. Mailler, our vet, was our guest speaker today at Toddler Tuesday in celebration of World Veterinarian’s Day. She taught us some interesting things about being a veterinarian.  She taught us how she tells if an animal is sick.  She showed us their bones on X-rays and taught us how to use a stethoscope.  She taught us that the larger the animal the slower the heart rate.  A cow’s heart beats 40-70 beats per minute and a rabbit’s beats about 120-150 times a minute.

We ended class in a fun way.. check out our veterinarian internship program. There was some major surgery going on.


They were able to keep their scrubs and stethoscopes so they could perform some procedures on their stuffed animals at home. FUN!



Be Nice To Spiders


The irridescent orchard spider came to class today to teach us about how beneficial it can be to have spiders around. If you can get past the 8 legs and 6-8 eyes….  We made spider catchers because they can help you keep your insect pests under control if you give them a corner of the house to build a web in.  As for those hunting, ambush spiders, I give them a wide back yard to hunt in, but if she builds a web in an obscure place, she is welcome to stay in my house.

That Funny Bunny!


Why do we study rabbits this time of year?  Oh gee, I don’t know, can you guess?


We learned to sign rabbit and we did some stretching with our rabbit pose and we read a few stories including:  Wee Little Bunny by Lauren Thompson


and ended our class reading an action verb story book about rabbits called hop by Jorey Hurley:


All the words that a bunny needs to know like:  hop, listen, wait, warn, freeze, peek, nibble, graze, cuddle and sleep!

We took home a craft kit today with a fuzzy bunny made from a pine cone:



Check out how fun today was!